Thurmann Group builds and manages sustainable brands.

We work to create a better and more profitable future for us & our partners. And we believe in quality!

-It is only with a quality product or quality concept that we can reach out on the market and win the client. This is how we make a long-term profitability. Trough quality.

Trough our local knowledge and business experience we identify potential markets, clients, products & brands.

We establish sustainable brands based on solid strathegies & policies.

First we work on expanding our presence on the market until we are big on it. Then we work on  expanding our business range by adopting our services, products and methods to fit new similar markets.

-Creativity & innovation
-Happiness & positivity

“Thurmann group is operating by our vision and we expand with larger and larger concepts until we have the capacity to do our conceptual amusement park.”


“We can not be to afraid when we plan so that we never see our dreams come true. We must continue to grow as persons until everything we want can be done.”

During my youth all I ever wanted was to fly my paraglider and see new environments. But over time a new passion grew; I wanted to make business and show what I was good for. I also have some dreams that are intepretable as businesses. The result today is numerous brands and big plans for the future. Welcome to my group – The Thurmann Group!